Investmentfocus and -portfolio

seeks to participate in undertakings that represent innovative, future-orientated issues, consider digitalization as a matter of course and aim for sustainable and entrepreneurial success. For us, most important is the team, thus people who are able to convince us of implementing their visions. In addition to cash investments HAI supports young entrepreneurs with substantiated economic and strategic know-how and co-ordinates the necessary legal and tax consulting. All of our undertakings are structured perfectly, take data protection very serious, comply with all legal provisions, are orientated on a high ethical standard and sustainable, future-orientated visions and are financed very solid. For us, a long lasting partnership is important because we jointly want to secure entrepreneurial growth – an exit is not the primary goal but may be a later option.

Besides silent partnerships we currently participate and hold shares, respectively, with the following undertaktings:

Former Portfolio-Companies:

  • BYTEPOETS: High Level Design von hochqualitativen Apps und Umsetzung von (digitalen) Produktideen durch erfahrene Experten
  • Arzt-Radar: Plattform für ärztliche Ordinationsvertretungen
  • Workout Deals Internet Services: mediation of workouts
  • IRM - Institut für Relationship Marketing Forschung- und Beratung