In practise, there are multitudes of reasons why shareholders do not appreciate to appear in the official commercial register. Whatever your motiva-tion might be, we are happy to take over the fiduciary duty (so that your function as shareholder may not be seen for the public) and carry out – to-gether with LIKAR law offices – all forms of incorporations, reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions, demergers, contribution and transfer of as-sets, etc professionally and discretely.

Moreover, we structure your investment and bring together private equity and innovative projects (shareholding, development of real estates, etc). We hold and manage domestic and foreign shares and assets on behalf of our clients and provide the trustor with all necessary support to ongoing servic-ing you effectively.

The combined expertise of legal and economic know-how, practical experience for years and needed investment- / equity holding tools make work for you easier (so that you can focus on your main business) and ensures absolute confidentiality.